Our donors provide the fuel to keep our programs running. International donors provide funding for our school, teachers, scholarships, after school toutoring, lunch, street outreach programs and our clinic.

Donate now


Your donations help like this:

  • $15 supports teaching materials and classroom supplies
  • $30 provides lunch for one child for a month
  • $50 provides basic food staples for 7 families for a month
  • $100 supports teacher salaries and training

Donate here

Through our partner, Omprakash, by PayPal, credit card, debit card, US wire transfer or check, or if you prefer, contact us to organise direct bank transfer to our Ecuadorian account.

Groups abroad

If you would like to discuss donating to a particular project feel free to contact your local CENIT past-volunteer group, or contact CENIT directly.


Adopt - A - Dream

Children, who are between the ages of 4 and 18, all work to survive and do not receive adequate medical attention, nutrition or schooling. We have many children in need of this assistance and you can help today by becoming a “Padrino” to one of them through monthly financial support of $30 or $50. Your donation goes directly to support the child’s needs. Interested in becoming a padrino/a?!

Adopt A Dream