Centro Integral de la Niñez y Adolescencia

CENIT is located in the south of Quito, the capital of Ecuador.

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You can take a taxi to Calle Huacho y Jose Peralta. Tell the taxi driver to go“cerca del Mercado Camal, arriba de la Estación del Sur y Centro Comercial el Recreo”. We are the big yellow and blue building that says CENIT on it.

Public Transport

Take the Trole or the Ecovía south until you get to the Estación del Sur — this is the Trole station opposite El Recreo Shopping Center. Exit the station and take a right. Take your first right onto Miguel Carrion and head up the hill, keeping the Trole station on your right the whole time. Up the hill, on your right, above the Trole station, you will see a big pink-beige and blue building that says CENIT on it. It will be on calle Huacho, which is on your left as you veer away from the Trole Station. Once you’re at CENIT, the Volunteer Department is on the second floor. You can simply ask for “el voluntariado”.